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 Ehsan Armoudli

B.A.Sc, Pursuing MASc.

I joined I-FuELs and started my Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Windsor in May 2020. I am interested in thermo-fluids and computational fluid dynamics, and their application in sustainable energy systems. I am currently developing an innovative oxygen reactor design for the Cu-Cl cycle of hydrogen production. Also, I am investigating the implementation of hydrogen production sites in Ontario and Quebec based on the objective hydrogen economy penetration level. I started my studies on renewable energy systems in my high school, where I came up with a project on a solar cell-based irradiance measuring instrument, Pyranometer, and issued it as my first invention.

Due to my passion for developing renewable energy systems, I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering at Shahid Beheshti University and the University of Guilan, where I was an undergraduate research assistant. During my undergraduate program, I participated in 4 research projects. In my first project, I participated in Determining the maximum deflection and different governing mechanical characteristics of a quadrangular mild steel plate which was subjected to uniform and localized impulsive loading. Also, as a member of a quadcopter designing team, I designed different structures of the quadcopter in CATIA. With the objective of maximizing the flight time, I performed a structural analysis of the designed structures to obtain the optimized one in terms of weight and structural strength. In my next experience, I participated in a study to improve the thermal performance of Heller cooling towers by using flue gas injection and wind-breaking walls. I published two peer-reviewed publications and 2 conference papers during my undergraduate program. In my bachelor’s thesis, I performed a case study of Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) in Faror strait, and by using a two-phase CFD model, I calculated the available head across the dam and corresponding net input power for generators.

I fill my outdoor free time with mountain climbing, swimming, and exploring the surrounding nature by running. Also, I have a 4th Kyu certificate in Judo and enjoy Judo training. In my indoor leisure times, I enjoy watching historical and technology documentaries, reading financial stock books and news, and gathering with family and friends.

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