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Christian Brisebois

Pursuing B.A.Sc

I am currently a second year undergraduate at the University of Windsor pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a materials specialization. As an Outstanding Scholars, I have dedicated my research to the I-FuELs lab. My area of research consists of investigating Canadian policies, regulations, laws, and the national and international relationships with regards to hydrogen energy, focusing on its production, storage, and usage. Additionally,  my work encompasses a comprehensive literature review on prototype hydrogen induction motor designs to demonstrate current advancements of hydrogen technology and its potential. My research aims to provide a foundation to contextualize and understand the current state of hydrogen energy applications in Canada. I look forward to working with and contributing to the I-FuELs research team.


Outside of University, I enjoy programming and developing web applications with friends, playing piano, and traveling. During breaks and between semesters, I like to plan camping and vacation trips with friends and family.

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